Can a piece of jewelry change your life?

It can when it's designed with


The keepsakes we treasure most in life are a curated collection symbolizing who we are as individuals.

~Jennifer Hanscom

Jennifer Hanscom Jewelry enhances your individual collection of memories and life events…  

It flows in, filling spaces within your heart which are searching for comfort and connection, enhancing your thirst for courage, focus, recognition and for joy – transforming your mindset and honoring that which your soul is seeking.

While music and familiar surroundings bring on memories of our soul’s longing, the jewelry you wear, or give to a loved one, soothes this yearning and allows you to feel connected to a person or a place.  It infuses you with strong focus to stay on track and move forward, giving you the courage to grow and overcome obstacles; consistently touching you with joy as you commemorate accomplishments or remember special people and moments in your life.

While Indie-Designer Jennifer Hanscom’s unique, yet classic approach, visually attracts your attention and the quality craftsmanship and construction intrigues you further, it’s the positive intention behind each collection which connects with you on an emotional level, nurturing your soul and symbolically showcasing ‘you’ to the world, hence the Connection to You.

Portray your value for quality design and craftsmanship while nurturing your soul as you collect and wear these artistically meaningful pieces infused with the bonds of life.

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