Looking to honor a special mother?

Mothers play a crucial role in the lives of their children.  Give them a fabulous gift symbolizing their impact and they’ll treasure it forever.

Let’s face it… being a good mother is one of the hardest jobs in the world.  It’s also one of the most important.  A mother is there to protect and support her children every step of the way.  She cares for them, nurtures them, cheers them on, comforts them, guides them, and sacrifices for them in a multitude of ways.  So when it’s time to celebrate her, give her something rich with meaning.  Give her a gift that will nurture her soul every time she wears it.

Here at Jennifer Hanscom Jewelry we offer collections featuring “connection to you”.  The idea is for our jewelry to become a tangible reminder offering a connection to the message behind each piece throughout the day.  So when you give our jewelry as a gift, it’s like a perpetual hug filled with love and gratitude.  It’s sure to melt Mom’s heart over and over again for years to come.

To select the perfect jewelry for the Mom in your life, you’ll want to reflect on her special qualities and be sure to get a piece that embodies her individual spirit.

Need some help figuring out how to achieve this?  Here are some ideas to get you thinking…


Does Mom’s influence help you thrive in life?

Mothers have a way of always being in tune with their children.  There can be chaos, yet they know where their child is and what they may be experiencing.  Whatever is needed, Mom is ready to provide it to the best of her ability.  It’s in her nature to protect and guide.  Which is why when her child succeeds, she is proud as a peacock.

Our Flourish Collection offers a fabulous way to convey gratitude for her love and nurturing.  Her impact helped shape the wonderful person you are today and in turn, your gift will fill her heart with a feeling of fulfillment.


Perhaps you have a special bond via music…

Music resonates with us on an emotional level and hearing a particular song or genre can connect you to a memory that resides deep in your soul.  Many Moms have a bond with their children involving music.   For some there’s a memorable lullaby that serves to soothe and comfort.  For others, music is a method of celebration or healing.

No matter what type of music sparks this bond, a piece from our Noteworthy Collection will get her heart beating with joy as she recalls the tune and smiles knowing you’ll always have that connection.


Many of us wouldn’t be who we are without our intrinsic relationship with Mom…

There are few people on the planet who impact our lives like our mother.  Moms shape us and mold us as they rejoice in our growth.  They are literally intertwined in our thoughts and patterns.

Celebrate this profound relationship with a piece from our Crossing Paths Collection.  This elegant collection is a literal embodiment of how intertwined your lives are.  Every time she wears it she’ll know in her heart how important she is to you and feel blessed for how you helped shape her life as well.


Or maybe Mom inspires the courage to be your true self…

There’s no doubt that a mother can be the best cheerleader in the world.  If you’re Mom encouraged you to love every aspect of yourself and taught you to seek your unique purpose, then a piece from our Wings and Waves Collection would be the perfect acknowledgement of her support.  She taught you to soar and create your own waves in life.  Her heart will rejoice every time she wears it and is reminded how thankful you are for her inspiration and the confidence she instilled.


These descriptions and ideas are provided to help you reflect upon your unique relationship with the Mom you are celebrating.  Whether she’s your mother, your spouse, your daughter or your friend, you can honor her brilliance.  A meaningful gift continues to give day after day, year after year; just as she continues to give as a mother.

Wishing you great happiness as you celebrate Mom!


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