When times are stressful, it’s important to feel connected. 

Connected to the world outside, those you love, and connected to your inner self ~ your soul.

    • Connection provides comfort and support
    • Connection boosts your confidence
    • Connection is your antidote for stress

Our jewelry provides a talisman for this connection; a tangible reminder inspiring solace and strength.

This year, I created a new design which has become our signature pendant.  

Surrender to faith and live with love” is the intention it embodies. This principle encompasses the whole premise of my Connection Collections.

Surrendering to faith and living with love can mean the difference between sinking or swimming.

If you fall in the water, your reaction is what discerns your fate:

    • If you get all excited and move around a lot, the flurry of effort helps suspend you, but it depletes your energy at a rapid pace.
    • If you remain calm and surrender the battle, you’ll find the water will naturally buoy you up and support you with ease.
    • But when you settle enough to experience some of that weightless feeling, and incorporate motions which work with the flow instead of fighting, you find yourself swimming.  You make forward progress.  The more fluid your efforts; the more momentum you gain.

Life is very much this same way.  Surrendering to faith provides your sense of calm, while living with love directs your fluid motion.

When you settle your mind and release the desire to control things in your life, you welcome the space to notice the solutions the universe is providing for you.

When you focus on living with love – and devote your energy toward things that nurture your soul – you begin to generate momentum towards happiness and fulfillment.  Once you start this progression, your actions amplify and thrust you forward.  The universe recognizes your trajectory and lends support, like a current propelling your forward.

Faith and Love Signature Pendant

Our new signature Faith and Love pendant provides a tangible reminder throughout the day to allow yourself to go with the flow and seek the beauty within your journey.

This design has had a profound impact on me during this troubled time, and it’s my sincere wish that the same will be true for you.  To learn more, please check out our new Passion Page.

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