Purchasing with Purpose…

Align your support this holiday season with that which you want to flourish and thrive.

We have all experienced one of the most tumultuous years any of us can remember.  There’s never been a more apropos time for supporting the businesses which provide products and services you can feel good about.

Think about what is important to you…

What do you want to have a hand in perpetuating?

I want to see a thriving marketplace for businesses fostering true happiness.  Times are very stressful and many of the most unique and positive offerings come from Mom & Pop shops.  It’s important to support these endeavors during trying times to ensure they survive.

Comment – Like – Follow – Share

You can offer your support in many ways…

While purchasing from your favorite businesses is always greatly appreciated, there are other meaningful ways to help.

Let’s face it… we don’t always have a personal reason to purchase from business we love and respect.  But in today’s “social media climate” you can be an active participant in their marketing efforts.  Many entrepreneurs are posting in their accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and others striving to reach people who truly want what they have to offer.  These platforms increase the exposure of these posts when people interact.  So when you “like”, follow, or for even more impact – comment and/or share, you are helping that fledgling business reach more people.  You never know – perhaps your input will be the catalyst creating a connection for someone else’s joy and prosperity.  Your efforts will no doubt help these great businesses survive, allowing their nurturing philosophy to continue countering the fear and negativity surrounding us.

Life experiences drove me to find my purpose in this life, offering unique jewelry which connects with your soul.

But I am not alone.

There are lots of amazing entrepreneurs fulfilling their purpose as well.  These are the businesses humanity needs.

As you spend time searching online for the perfect gifts this season, contemplate how you can align your gifts with your values.  And if you come across great items posted (even if they aren’t appropriate for those on your list), comment, and like them so others will have the chance to see the post. 

I look forward to the amazing world we can foster together!


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