The holiday season is a very special time of year.

It’s a time of hope, joy, connection and reflection.

Many of the normal celebrations will be modified or even canceled this year.  But your connections remain, and this year will surely stand out as we look back.  So focus on the simple joys.  Rejoice in the calmer, less frenetic pace.  After all, just like in the movies, the most profound moments don’t usually occur when everything is going along as planned.

When your world is shaken up, it’s time to look for the new opportunity or experience the universe is providing.  Find time to reflect and connect with your true self.  Fighting reality is a losing battle.  Focus on how you can still experience the hope and joy of the season.  It just may be the dawn of a new tradition.

2020 has been a year of transformation.

Change is unsettling.  This is the nature of new experiences.  The trick is…

  • to surrender to faith and trust that all is as it should be, and,
  • to focus on living with love – appreciating that which makes you happy on a soul-deep level.

When you embrace these two principles, you tap into an inner peace.  From this calm, blissful state, you can manifest the future you desire. 

Faith and Love Signature Pendant lifestyle shot

“My signature piece – fulfilling the essence of my passion – the Faith and Love Pendant serves to remind you to continually surrender to faith and live in each moment with love.”

Deepak Chopra poignantly notes that if you throw a small stone into a turbulent ocean, the impact is lost.  But if you toss one into still water, it ripples out amplifying the impact.  So finish the year with grace and foster your desires for the new year.  Treasure every moment, resisting the urge to compare this year with previous experiences or the perceived ideal.

Craft memories that will bring you a smile…

Frame your thoughts and intentions around your blessings.  Our mind and emotions together create an extremely powerful force.  Use it wisely.

Personally, I am honored to be using my talent as a jeweler to offer a link to your happiness.  Having a tangible reminder helps you stay connected to your ‘self’, you’re loved ones, and an empowered mindset – all things that nurture your soul.

I greatly appreciate your continued support!  My heart is full.  I have grown tremendously this year developing the content to share my message with you.  Thank you for connecting with me on this journey!

I wish you a joyous Christmas (or whatever holiday you prefer to celebrate) and I look forward to continuing our connection in 2021.


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