Pendant + Necklace = Pendant Necklace

Craft a unique look that’s perfect for you!

The personality of a pendant necklace is the culmination of the relationship between the pendant and the necklace you wear it on.  There can be a dramatic transformation in the overall look depending on the aesthetic appeal of each piece.  This is your opportunity to create the perfect combination to coordinate with your favorite outfit.

Qualities of a necklace…

    • Style/ vibe/ aesthetic appeal

    • Color

    • Length/girth/strength

    • Clasp

Qualities of a pendant…

    • Style/ vibe/ aesthetic appeal

    • Color

    • Size/scale

    • Weight

For the most part you want the qualities of the necklace and the qualities of the pendant to have commonalities or be complimentary to each other.

The pendant is the ‘focal’ point of a pendant necklace.

By pairing each pendant with various necklaces, you can craft your look.  You can enjoy a lot of styling versatility by collecting pendants and necklaces that mix and match. Start building your own jewelry capsule wardrobe where, with just a few pieces, you can wear them in multiple combinations so you’ll be sure to have something appropriate for all of your outfits.  Here are some factors to consider as you build your collection.

Technical considerations when selecting your perfect combination:

Pendant has to fit on the necklace...

The opening, or bail, of the pendant has to be large enough to slip on the necklace you wish to pair it with.  This may seem like it’s very common knowledge, but when you are shopping for pieces that offer you the flexibility to mix and match, the size of the bail is definitely something you’ll want to be aware about.

So… what size bail is best?

It depends on some of the other considerations listed.  But if it’s a small lightweight pendant, you’ll likely wear it on thinner necklace options.  The bigger the scale and weightier the pendant, the larger the bail should be, so the scale and strength of the necklace will match the size and scale of the pendant.

Necklace has to be strong enough to support the pendant...

Here’s another point that seems rather straightforward, but just because a necklace can fit through the bail on the pendant does not mean the necklace is strong enough to support its weight.

This is a common problem when it comes to selecting a good chain to wear with a pendant.  Some chain styles will be ruined if they are worn with a pendant.

We offer a nice thin cable chain option that works really well with our small pendants.  But if you have a large or heavy pendant, you’ll want to go with a stronger option.  We offer a lot of great necklace styles that work well with the ¼” inner diameter bails we use for our medium and large pendants.  The larger bails allow you to choose more bold options to coordinate with your bold choice in pendant.

Pendant has to be heavy enough to drape well on the necklace...

This consideration is generally common with leather or fiber necklaces.  Leather, even high quality cord like we use, does not have the same fluid drape that chain does.  However it offers a great slightly edgy, clean look and showcases a pendant really well.

If the pendant is small, you should stick to the shorter length leather necklaces to keep them draping well.  However, if the pendant has some weight to it, it will help train the leather.  One of our favorite combinations showcased below is a 30” long double strand leather necklace with a silver button closure paired with a large bold pendant.  This is a fabulous combo for layering over cowl turtlenecks, tunics, or just any time you want a bit of a classic yet boho chic vibe.

Color and vibe should come together creating a cohesive look...

Just like with art, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  And sometimes the outfit you are wearing plays a role in this relationship.  But that’s a subject for another post.  Just be mindful that your pairing has purpose.

Here’s 8 of our favorite combinations…

Pendant and Necklace Combo

For a traditional look…

Our small pendants look great on our small cable chains.

Pendant and Necklace Combo

Add some elegance…

Our Scalloped Ripple Necklace dresses up a pendant.

Pendant and Necklace Combo

Casual and sleek…

Wear our small pendants on a short double leather strand necklace.

Pendant and Necklace Combo

A splash of color…

Our 4 mm bead necklaces add some color and personality.

Pendant and Necklace Combo

Classy contrast…

Quad-strand leather necklace shows off our large pendants with class and sophistication.

Pendant and Necklace Combo

Bold personality…

Transform the feel of a large pendant with a 6 mm bead necklace adding a pop of color and texture.

Pendant and Necklace Combo

Layering classic…

Our 30 inch double strand leather necklace shows off a large bold pendant layered over your clothes.

Pendant and Necklace Combo

Casual character…

Great with just about any outfit, our long large cable chain works great with our large pendants.

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