Multi-strand leather necklaces are a casual yet classy way to showcase your favorite pendants.

Finally, the fashion world is focused on casual comfort! 

I LOVE to be comfortable.  But when you can combine that comfort with a classy, stylish look, you truly have a winning combination.

Double Strand Leather Necklace with Quad Flourish Pendant with Carnelian
Double Strand Leather Necklace with Large Pierced Ripple Pendant
Quadruple Strand Leather Necklace with Amethyst G Clef Pendant
Quadruple Strand Leather Necklace with 2 layer Quad Flourish Pendant

Our leather necklaces offer fabulous aesthetic appeal:

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They have clean lines...

There’s no distraction or competition for the eye’s attention so they showcase a silver pendant fabulously.

They have a casual vibe...

Leather cord is classically thought of to be a more casual material.  So leather necklaces pair really well with the casual outfits which are so popular these days. 

They’re just a bit edgy...

Although our multi-strand leather necklaces are classy, the leather offers a bit of an edge.  They are not conformist or run-of-the-mill traditional pieces that every woman has in their wardrobe.

They’re classy and elegant...

Our unique construction of leather cord and sterling silver clasps mixes the casual material with a note of sophistication.  The result is timeless and classic – with just a nod to trendy.

As I mentioned… comfort is key these days.

We all want to look great.  It makes us feel good when we look good.  It boosts our confidence and empowers us to go, be, and do.  But if you are comfortable as well, you’ll find you aren’t hindered by your look.  You can actually do the things you love with ease.

Why are our leather necklaces so comfortable to wear? 

Because we craft them with quality in mind.

First:  We use high quality supple leather cord that drapes well and moves naturally with the body.

Second:  We have a unique construction method where each necklace is one continual strand of leather cord stitched together at the ends allowing us to avoid the use of glue for assembly.

Wondering what this has to do with comfort?

You don’t have to worry about it falling apart, and they hang really well on your body.

One of the most common complaints about leather necklaces is that the glue dries up resulting in the cord coming loose from the clasp (or finding).  We avoid this complication altogether by not using glue in our designs.

Leather Necklace stitching in progress

Here’s a look at how our leather necklaces are constructed to be worry-free and stand the test of time…

Double Strand Leather Necklace Flat and open
Double Strand Leather Necklace stitching in progress
Double Strand Leather Necklace stitching
Double Strand Leather Necklace Button Clasp

Our Double Strand Leather Necklaces feature a sterling silver button closure, which is both easy to use and comfortably secure. 

The leather cord is threaded through the button to form one continuous loop twice the length of the intended necklace measurement. 

The ends of the cord are carefully stitched together near the button.

Then we wrap the cord with silver wire. On the one end, it creates the button hole, and the other it disguises the stitching.  When the clasp is closed, the wrapping nicely frames the button for a balanced and polished finish.

All of our pendants offer a bail that easily fits over the button-hole end, so you have tons of options for pendants you can pair with this easy-to-wear design.

Quadruple Strand Leather Necklace flat
Quadruple Strand Leather Necklace in progress
Quadruple Strand Leather Necklace end cap
Quadruple Strand Leather Necklace clasp

Our Quadruple Strand Leather Necklaces are a bit dressier, while still sleek and comfortable.  The multiple strands add a bit of polish or sophistication. 

For this style necklace, our leather cord is 4X the desired length.  The ends are stitched together and with the continuous loop doubled up, we secure the leather (hiding the stitching) in a loop of silver wire. 

The end of the wire is then fed through the end cap and formed to create the connection loop we use to attach the clasp. 

Our Convert-a-Clasp is then added with a series of rings which allow for a fabulous drape to the necklace.

These multi-strand leather necklaces pair great with our medium and large pendants.  They feature a bail with a ¼” opening, which slides perfectly over the sleek hand-fabricated silver end caps. 

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