Unique ~ Design ~ Quality

The top 3 attributes jewelry shoppers are seeking!

It’s music to my ears to hear that those who are most likely to purchase jewelry in the near future consider quality, design, and uniqueness as the top 3 criteria they’re looking for, according to a recent survey conducted by reputed industry analysts.

The immediate assumption is… Of course I am thrilled with these results.  Uniqueness, design, and quality are among the top tenets I strive to uphold as a jewelry designer and maker.

But this sales trend makes me extremely happy for a much more profound reason.  In my view, it shows that people are gravitating towards carefully considering their purchases, and seeking jewelry which reflects their values.  I fervently celebrate this trend!!!

The keepsakes we treasure most in life are a curated collection symbolizing who we are as individuals.

~Jennifer Hanscom

Steve Samblis recently invited me to be a contributing author in the best-selling book 1 Habit of the World’s Greatest Leaders:  Life Changing Habits to Unlock Your True Leadership Potential.

The book is a compilation of 69 habits you can employ to become your best self and effectively lead others.  My recommended habit is to regularly affirm your unique strengths.  I mention this because this practice directly relates to the survey results:

      • We are all beautifully unique

      • We can design our lives to utilize our strengths to serve ourselves as well as others.

      • And when we value ourselves, it’s then clear we deserve quality, not just in our purchases, but in our connections with others.

Jennifer Hanscom on the cover of the 1 Habit Book - Greatest Leaders

Perhaps this seems a little over the top, but it rings true.  So many of us reflect on the manner in which we interact with others, while ignoring that critical voice in our head judging our own behavior and comparing our accomplishments to those around us who may have achieved more in some way.  But we are each equipped with varied and unique strengths.  Our individual purpose can only be achieved through conducting ourselves authentically.  There’s no need to mimic others, because we are all blessedly different.

We need to celebrate that which makes us special.

As one of eight children, it has taken me many years to fully appreciate my individuality.  This is why I feel driven to craft jewelry which connects you to your own sense of ‘self’; that inspires an empowering mindset; that links you to your source of happiness

You deserve to look and feel beautiful!  So…

  • Seek out pieces that align with your unique sense of style.

  • Select designs that showcase your appreciation for ingenuity.

  • Choose quality crafted jewelry you’ll love to wear for years to come.

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