3 Things to Consider when Ordering Custom-made Jewelry…

Are you thinking about ordering a custom piece of jewelry?


To start with, is there an inspiration behind your desire?  There are lots of different types of inspiration, for instance…

    • An occasion – “I am getting married. I want a special piece for my day.”
    • Customization – “I love… but I want…for mine.”
    • Showcase Individuality – “I want a piece which represents what is important to me.”
    • Personal Armor – “I want something I can wear every day to boost my confidence and help me feel beautiful”
    • An award – “Our group wants a piece we give out when someone achieves…”

Here are 3 things you should give some serious consideration to before you place an order so you’ll be sure to love your new piece for years to come:

Consideration #1:

What are the detailed features you desire?

    • What specific type of jewelry piece are you wanting? (ring, necklace, pendant, bracelet, earrings)
    • Do you want any stones included?
    • Is there a subject matter you want reflected? (music, golf, hearts, camera, symbols, etc.)
    • What is the general design aesthetic you are attracted to? (bold, linear, lacy, delicate, classic, industrial, clean lines, old world feel, feminine, flowing, etc.)
Joining Hearts Cuff Bracelet with White Topaz stones
Wide Bracelets with chain-maille edging and links from our Crossing Paths Collection
Fabricated Sterling Silver Camera Pendant with a White Topaz in the Lens
Woven guitar necklace with gold, siler, and copper with a rich bronze patina

Consideration #2:

The next aspect to consider is how this piece will work with your own personal style.  Here are some examples of how your style may come into play:

    • I wear a lot of gold – so it should have gold in the design.
    • I want something unique; a conversation starter.
    • I am petite, and I don’t like to wear anything bulky.
    • I want something timeless with a traditional feel.
    • I don’t like to change up my jewelry throughout the day – I want something that transitions from day to night with ease
Hole in One Award Pendant
Infinity Symbol Cuff and Ring set with connecting chain featuring black opals
Acoustic Guitar Men's Cuff Bracelet
Silver Necklace Featuring Teardrop Moonstone

Consideration #3:

The third consideration to contemplate is the activities you are likely to be doing while you’re wearing this piece. 

If you want jewelry you can wear a lot, it won’t serve you well if it is not amenable to the tasks you do in your every-day life.  Here are some instances where practical choices make an impact:

    • We’re giving an award to golfer’s who get a hole in one – so the pendant needs to be small and durable as it’s likely to be worn while golfing.
    • I want extra wide bracelets, but I want to wear them all the time – so they should be lightweight, durable, yet lacy and breathable so they don’t irritate my skin.
    • I am an event photographer – so I need to remain discreet and be able to easily maneuver around to get the perfect shots without disturbing the event.
    • I am on the phone all the time for work – so I want earrings that are small, lightweight, and won’t catch on the receiver or my headset.

There are also proportions and physical characteristics that can sway your decision.  Things like favored necklines, facial shape, and hairstyle come into play depending on what particular piece of jewelry you want to have custom made.  I discuss these topics in my Jewelry Selection Guide.  You can get your free copy by signing up for my e-mail list and gain even more insights for selecting the piece of jewelry which will be perfect for you!

Image of Jewelry Selection Guide

Or… if you feel pretty confident about what you would like to have custom made, head on over to my custom orders page where you can fill out the form and contact me via e-mail.  I look forward to working with you!