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Interested in a custom piece of jewelry from Jennifer Hanscom?

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It’s best if you include information about what you are looking to have made.  So here’s a list of questions to prompt information that will be helpful for me to design the perfect piece for you!

  • What is inspiring your desire for a custom piece of jewelry?
  • Do you have any detailed features in mind?
  • How would you describe your personal style?
  • When do you see yourself wearing this piece and what activities might you be doing? (Helps satisfy wear-ability concerns)
  • What physical characteristics or proportions might be relevent?
    • If you want a ring – which finger do you want to wear it on and what size is your finger?
    • If you want a bracelet – do you commonly wear long sleeves?  Do you work on a computer a lot?  What is your wrist measurement?
    • If you want a necklace or pendant – typical neckline you like to wear and your neck measurement may be important factors.
    • If you want earrings – hair color, hair style and length, facial shape, and the distance between your lobe and your shoulder all come into play.

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Here’s a gallery of our recent custom jewelry…

Woven guitar necklace with gold, siler, and copper with a rich bronze patina
Wide Bracelets with chain-maille edging and links from our Crossing Paths Collection
Joining Hearts Cuff Bracelet with White Topaz stones
Silver Necklace Featuring Teardrop Moonstone
Acoustic Guitar Men's Cuff Bracelet
Fabricated Sterling Silver Camera Pendant with a White Topaz in the Lens
Hole in One Award Pendant
Petite Earrings featuring a Bass Clef and a Treble Clef
Infinity Symbol Cuff and Ring set with connecting chain featuring black opals
Silver Infinity Symbol Pendant featuring black opal
Silver Necklace with Wings and Waves Focal
Amethyst and Chain-maille Pendulum
Silver Necklace with Wings and Waves Focal
Pink Druzy Pendant and Earring Set Wrapped in Gold with Pearl Accents
Angel Coin wrapped in silver wire with a masculine feel and wide bail
Silver Totem Pendant Featuring Personal Symbols and a Turquoise Stone

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