Ethics, Values and Standards:

Seeking to give you heirloom quality pieces imbued with intention and connections to those moments which matter most in your life, Jennifer Hanscom Jewelry is designed with your life’s story and values in mind.

Each piece of Jennifer Hanscom jewelry is meticulously hand-made in the U.S. in her Phoenix, Arizona studio.  Creating each design by hand reduces the carbon footprint which can come with mass-produced items and carries a sense of emotion and spirit not always readily found in large international jewelry firms and manufacturers. Sourcing reclaimed/recycled precious metals where available and searching for materials from suppliers committed to sustainable practices when possible are additional advantages of jewelry crafted by an artisan jeweler vs. a massive manufacturing company.

Jennifer Hanscom’s mission of creating jewelry embodied with intention and ‘Connection To You’, cultivates a positive mindset and helps transform your perspective while nourishing your soul.  It becomes your powerful talisman for inner guidance and focus.

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Giving Back, Support and Mentoring:

Connection to Community:

With a strong sense of Connection to Community, Jennifer Hanscom helps women experience happiness by learning how to ‘play’ again, through her company, Jewelry Classes with Jen, where she teaches jewelry design and construction.  She’s happy to share her passion and extensive knowledge in the craft to impart a sense of wonder and fulfillment which can only be achieved creating something with your hands.


Free Shipping:

Grateful for your patronage, Jennifer Hanscom Jewelry offers free shipping on all orders of $100.00 and over as a way of saying ‘Thank You’.

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