Our passion at Jennifer Hanscom is to create elegant jewelry you’ll love to wear for years to come that serves as a link to your happiness.

Whether it features…

~ a connection with loved ones

~ a connection to an empowering message

~ or merely a connection to your love of great design and quality construction

The jewelry you choose should showcase who you are as an individual and connect you to a sense of ‘self’.

Pic of Jennifer Hanscom

Facing life-changing medical challenges in 2013, which greatly affected my perspective on life, I found myself searching for the means to fulfill my purpose.


Taking stock of my talents and analyzing my priorities, it’s clear that I’m meant to use the art of jewelry to offer HELP…

H – Hope

E – Enjoyment

L – Love

P – Peace

I began working on developing my Connection Collections, a series of collections embodied with ‘Connection to You’.

A way for the jewelry you wear, and gift to those you love, to foster a constructive mindset, and nurture your soul. It’s jewelry to serve as a reminder of all life’s precious moments and a catalyst to aid you in being your best self.

Imagine the days when you feel consumed with stress and worry – always focused on your list of tasks that strive to control your environment. It feels heavy and restricting.

Imagine how you feel as you relax this negative thought pattern and replace it with a positive vibe.

Inhale as you touch your necklace or twirl your ring. Your keepsake is imbued with intention, meaning, and love. It brings you back to center and back to happiness – back to your place of peace.

Interestingly, in an ideal world, children experience this phenomenon naturally.

Their parents take care of them and provide a nurturing environment. Their life is filled with the wonder of new experiences; they are free to experience joy and delight.

They have faith that all is as it should be, and they live with love.


Somehow, as we grow into adulthood, this perspective on life dims and becomes lost to us. Not entirely, and not intentionally, but it slips away and settles in a distant part of our being as the world around us dulls our senses and diminishes our hopes and dreams. As so, surrendering to faith and living with love can be elusive to us as an adult.

For some, having faith is a religious experience; for others, it’s a belief in universal powers. However, the common ground is the belief that everything is as it should be in this moment.

I invite you to let go of the concept of control and learn to go with the flow. While you may intend for things in the future to be different, accepting this moment as it is allows you to experience joy and create memories you will treasure for the rest of your life. As you indulge in this level of enjoyment, you will naturally attract more of that which provides this bliss and creates the momentum for your plans to come to fruition.

In agreement with this concept, you may even have mindful practices already in place as part of your daily routine to help foster a positive mindset. But – when you’re going about your day and the world throws you a curveball- THIS is when you need that special something you can touch to re-connect yourself to your good vibes and bring you back to center.


Your jewelry is the link – your connection – to happiness!

Faith and Love Signature Pendant lifestyle shot

“My signature piece – fulfilling the essence of my passion – the Faith and Love Pendant serves to remind you to continually surrender to faith and live in each moment with love.”

Our Connection Collections represent a wide array of positive messages embodied in elegant designs, allowing you to continually foster a constructive thought pattern. They HELP you throughout your daily pursuits and offer Hope, Enjoyment, Love, and Peace!

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A few notes from Jen…

Experience = Quality

Since 2007, I have been instructing others in the art of metalsmithing.  As my students fulfill their passion for creating, I am called upon to problem-solve their projects’ construction. With the vast number of issues I have alleviated over the years, you can rest assured that my jewelry is designed to be durable and stand the test of time and even become a family heirloom to be passed on to generations to come. It’s my pleasure and passion to create quality, elegant designs imbued with positive meanings that you and your loved ones will wear and cherish for years to come.

Jewelry Classes with Jen

I thoroughly enjoy teaching the art of making jewelry and connecting with my students. If you’re interested in learning,  check out my Jewelry Classes with Jen website and download your free guide which introduces you to my systems for crafting with precision – I’d be honored to share my passion with you!

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Thank you for all your support. Whether through purchasing pieces of my jewelry for yourself or your loved ones, taking my classes, joining in the Facebook group to spread happiness and encouragement to others, or sharing my sites and info with those you believe will benefit from them, I appreciate your kindness and generosity and am incredibly grateful. You make my heart full!