Double Strand Leather Necklace with Button Closure


  • Hand-made double-strand leather necklace
  • Hand-hammered silver button closure
  • Leather is stitched closed for long time wear
  • Various length available: 16″|18″|20″|24″|28″|30″|36″
  • Pendants sold separately

Showcase your pendant with class and style!

The double strand style of this elegant leather necklace adds a touch of class while the simplicity of the leather allows your pendant to be the showpiece. Each necklace is made by hand by stitching together a continuous loop of leather with a custom hand-hammered silver button for the closure.  The stitching is further secured under the silver wrapping which also helps frame the button and provides a quality drape.  This means that this leather necklace can stand the test of time.  It is not going to fall apart because the glue dried up and the findings fell off.  The more you wear it the better it will drape.   We use quality leather cord that offers a nice soft hand, but the warmth of your body also helps break them in. You will love the ease of the button closure!  There’s no little mechanism you have to grasp like with a lobster clasp, yet it very secure and stays closed with comfort. The shorter options work well even for our small pendants, but the longer lengths will drape better with a larger pendant to help add weight.  The longest options are fabulous for pairing with cowl necklines or for anyone looking to have a pendant draping low on the body.


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