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Hand-made Scalloped Ripple Silver Chain


  • Hand-made Sterling Silver Chain Necklace
  • Hand-formed and forged by artisan Jennifer Hanscom
  • 15 1/2″ and 17 1/2″ lengths available
  • Clasp blends in with the design
  • Created from recycled silver
  • Made in the USA
  • Pendants sold separately

Ripple Collection ~

“Your thoughts/intentions ripple out and impact the world around you”


Radiate your beauty from within!

The beautiful undulating lines of this hand-formed and forged scalloped silver chain flow around your neck, just as your thoughts and intentions flow into the world around you.

Your ‘go-to’ chain necklace from the Ripple Collection, our forged Ripple Scalloped Chain Necklace, is fresh and stylish.

Light and lively, this one has an exponential impact just like your thoughts and intentions do as they ripple out into the Universe.

In true ripple effect fashion, the forged links meander across each other in mirrored layers, reminding us that what we give will come back to us.

Each day as you reach up and touch the delicate chain, you will be reminded that ‘steady wins the race’. It’s the perfect reminder of how your actions and intentions go hand in hand. Just as this necklace pattern repeats itself, you too will shift your mindset and act each day, every day, forming the habits that will bring your dreams to fruition.

Click here to learn more about the intention behind the Ripple Collection.

The exquisite design of this necklace catches the eyes of those around you and is extremely flattering with its soft, easy-going, and unassuming style.

The curved links are individually formed and hammered from recycled silver wire, and each link is imbued with a distinct personality.  The hammered planes catch the light as you move, and the clasp blends in beautifully with the fluid design.

Since this chain fits in the teardrop-shaped bails we use, it’s an elegant option to pair with our small pendants and allows you to transform the look of the pendant and amplify its intention!

And did we mention that these chains layer well, too? Oh yeah!


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