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Quad-Flourish Link Earrings on Forged Ripple Ear Wires


  • Fun and flirty sterling silver earrings
  • Hand-formed and forged by artisan Jennifer Hanscom
  • Measures 1 9/16″ x 7/8″
  • Forged Ripple ear wires

Flourish Collection ~

“Have the intention to excel in all of your aspirations.”

Ripple Collection ~

“Your thoughts and intentions ripple out and impact the world around you”


Add some swing in your life – or at least to your ears.  These quad-flourish links dangle freely, catching the light and glimmering as you move.  With this fun and fresh feeling, you can’t help but to flourish in all of your aspirations.

Click here to learn more about the intention behind the Flourish Collection.

Impart this feeling of vitality into the world around you as the intention behind the Ripple Collection inspires.  The sinuous line of the forged ripple ear wires hugs close to your lobe providing interest without loft.  The squared design of the actual ear hook secures the petite yet interesting form in place. This structure, with the small ear wire suspending the fluttering link, complements a diamond or heart shaped face and/or a short pixie style haircut.

These earrings are designed as mirror images to complement the curves of your face.  I suggest wearing them as they are photographed, where the wires on the front of your earlobes form () surrounding your face.

A small intention card comes in the elegant pinstriped gift box along with your earrings, so you are continually reminded of the mindset you are seeking.  In this case you will receive cards for both the Flourish and Ripple.  A small bag with an interceptor tab is included, as a means to store your earrings and keep them shining longer. A polishing cloth is great for regular spruce-ups.


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