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Ripple Cascade Neckpiece


  • Sterling Silver Necklace
  • Hand-formed and forged by artisan Jennifer Hanscom
  • Measures 17” inner neckline (approximately) and the “bib”: 4” wide x 1” at center
  • Focal segment clasps on the hooks near collar bones
  • Fabricated from recycled silver
  • Made in the USA
  • Interchangeable neckpiece (alternate focal segments available)

Ripple Collection ~

“Your thoughts/intentions ripple out and impact the world around you”


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Like a mesmerizing waterfall, our Forged Ripple Cascade Neckpiece reflects the outpouring of energy you put forth into the world while it shimmers in the cascading light.

Although each forged, curved silver link in the cascade neckpiece is separate, it’s harmoniously joined together, making the necklace complete and functioning as one entity. All the Ripples in the Cascade of silver are integral to the over-all whole, each one needing the other to complete the flow of the piece. It mimics how we are all connected. We’re all an integral part of this world and although we may exist singularly, if we co-exist in harmony, we form a union which transcends the singular and uplifts all.

Thoughts are waves of energy and with the Ripple Cascade Neckpiece you can choose to project love, harmony, peace and ‘good ripples’ into the world – thus bringing all of these blessings back to you.

Click here to learn more about the intention behind the Ripple Collection.

With the inner neckline at approximately 17” and the ‘cascade’ descending from 4” down to 1” at the center, it exudes a positive energy flow  and is simultaneously bold and unassuming. It pairs as well with a crisp white button-down blouse and jeans as it does with your favorite little black dress. Business or pleasure – this will be one collector-worthy piece in your repertoire.

The interlocking cascade of ripples maintains it’s fluid form once clasped in place.  With elegant hooks on either end, the reverse neck cuff is sculpted to gracefully rest on your neck and shoulders providing structure and stability.


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