Scrolled Guitar Necklace with Swiss Blue Topaz



Sterling Silver Guitar Necklace featuring Custom Scrollwork and a Swiss Blue Topaz Cabochon
Hand-woven and crafted by artisan Jennifer Hanscom
Necklace measures approximately 18″ in length (the weave is 17″ long)
The body of the guitar measures 2 1/2″ x 2″

Noteworthy Collection ~

” A celebration of how music resonates through our lives.”


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Are you looking for a show-stopping piece of jewelry?  The strikingly bold quality of our acoustic guitar which features Artisan Jennifer Hanscom’s custom scroll work along with an eye-catching blue topaz, is certain to be one of the most ‘get noticed’ pieces of wearable art you’ll ever own!

Musicians especially will be thrilled with the ‘wear-ability’ of this substantial piece; whether jamming on stage or just hanging out.  The body of the guitar sits forefront as the head of the guitar, with its handwoven neck, slides ever so comfortably around yours, moving in complete time with you.

Encompassing many genres, from rock, jazz, country to classical, the guitar’s rich and vital history in music is more than “Noteworthy’, as is our meticulously crafted tribute to the musical icon itself.

The necklace is fabricated much like a puzzle.  Once the main parts are cut and finished from the sheet of silver the head is assembled to support and display the tuning pegs. The pegs are formed from the tips of 6 wires and an additional 6 wires are soldered inside the head.  Then the 12 wires are painstakingly woven to form a flexible “neck” to the guitar which serves as the necklace of this piece.  After 17 inches of weaving, the wires are then spliced into the body of the guitar and used as the strings of the instrument.  The body and head are comprised of two layers each to both mimic the thickness of a guitar as well as cleverly hide the functional bits.  The necklace clasps to a loop attached to the back of the guitar body via a hook on the underside of the head.  It’s easy to take on and off but it also stays put while wearing the piece.

You will definitely garner attention with this piece and it commonly starts conversations that may not have come about without wearing such a dramatic piece.  So enjoy the limelight and spread your passion for music!

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