Can a piece of jewelry change your life?

It can when it's designed with


How does a positive, impactful community, which serves and promotes women in business change your life?

Through support, invaluable resources and life-changing personal connections.

Lea Woodford, founder and CEO of SmartFem, has created an amazing and supportive community of smart women (and the ‘smartdudes’ who support them!) based on the principles of:



SmartFem empowers like-minded authors, speakers, small business owners and entrepreneurs to affect change in our world by positively impacting women and their businesses through sharing their knowledge and leading by example.

Through the SmartFem group platforms, these fabulous individuals commit daily to creating forward-thinking change in our world, positively impacting women and their businesses by contributing knowledge and sharing the tools needed for them to achieve their dreams.

Introducing the all new, Smartfem Necklaces!

Designed with the intent of empowering women in business and sharing meaningful connections, you too can Lead, Share and Empower others when you purchase this stylish hand-crafted necklace, designed specifically for SmartFem by Artisan Jewelry Designer, Jennifer Hanscom, whose core values and Connection to You™ jewelry she creates are in alignment with the SmartFem family.

With 20% of each sale going directly to fund the “SmartFem Summit Entry Scholarships”, you are giving assistance with entry into the annual Summit to those who need it, where they can build their business and learn how to grow and thrive.

Purchase your SmartFem Necklace today.  Allow your connection to the SmarFem Community to resonate with your values as you proudly wear your beautiful necklace knowing you are contributing to the empowerment of a fellow woman in business; a SmartFem, just like you!