Noteworthy Collection Intention

Music resonates through our lives in many deep and meaningful ways…


A song can set a mood, emote feelings, and connect with your soul.  It’s not a wonder that we utilize music to:

Celebrate ~

From the familiar refrain of “Happy Birthday” to an elaborate composition by a symphony orchestra, music creates a festive atmosphere.

Commemorate momentous occasions ~

Whether “Here Comes the Bride” is building anticipation at a wedding, or the poignant ring of a trumpet is sounding “Taps” in honor of a fallen hero, music underscores the importance of the moment.

Provide comfort and support ~ 

Music provides a conduit to embrace your emotions.  A sad country ballad can bring a tear to your eye as you relate to the plight of the singer, just as a triumphant rock anthem can rally your inner warrior to stand strong.  No matter the emotion, a sense of connection prevails.


My NOTEWORTHY COLLECTION features designs that help you to convey your passion for music.  From my intricate woven guitar necklaces to a simply elegant eighth note pendant, people will perceive your interest and you will attract kindred spirits.