Images of jewelry from the Ripple Collection

You affect the world around you …

Like ripples that flow outward and come back after a pebble has been dropped in the water, today’s thoughts and actions go out into the world and come back to create your future.

When you put forth focused, positive intentions you are doing your part to change the world for the better and helping create peace on earth.

The excitement and joy you feel along with the gratitude you express, ripples out and attracts more of the same.

Like waves lapping on the beach, the universe sends this positive energy back to you – supporting the thoughts and emotions you foster.


How to create more of what you desire and have a bigger impact on the world …

Strive to be mindful. The acts of one affects the lives of many. This is the Ripple Effect in full force.

Project that which you want more of in your life by offering it to others while focusing on the fulfillment and joy of adding kindness to the world ~ as opposed to the lack of something you have in your own life.


How does jewelry play a role in your life of intention?

When you adorn yourself with Jewelry with Intention from Jennifer Hanscom’s Connection Collection™, you set the intention and allow each piece of jewelry to be the catalyst for your positive impact on the world.

Wearing a piece of jewelry set with intention helps keep in the forefront of your mind all the abundance you want to attract such as happiness, joy, good health, and peace.

Each time you touch it, you’re reminded of your intentions, your goals, and what you want your future to look like.

Like a mesmerizing waterfall, the pieces in the Ripple Collection by Jennifer Hanscom reflect the outpouring of energy you put forth into the world and shimmers in the light – cascading downward and flowing into the pond, sending out ripples and creating a powerful synergy in the pond – adding to its overall beauty!

So go ahead ~ Be The Ripple You Want To See In The World!